After 15 years of unprecedented research in the field of human pheromones, Human Pheromone Sciences, Inc. has an ?overnight? success story. Human Pheromone Sciences, Inc., a science based company that produces all Natural Attraction products, has made good on the promise of human pheromones. The New York Times, The Washington Post, The University of Chicago News, among others have written front page stories on human pheromones and have verified the company's findings. We were just 15 years ahead of the public recognition. We know how pheromones work, we hold the patents on their use in consumer products. We continue unprecedented research in the field of human pheromones in all areas of application. In science, it is nice to have your work accepted and verified by outside sources, but it is equally rewarding to take action and create products that use your technology. It seems fitting to say ?Carpe Diem,? for Human Pheromone Sciences has seized the day and done just that. Natural Attraction ? human pheromone based products that work. Join us in our efforts and receive our newsletter as well as the opportunity to participate in new product tests.